Alamance Region of the

The antique automobile hobby is growing in Alamance County, North Carolina and a big part of this growth has come through the Alamance Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America. Our region has been in existence since 1964 starting with 17 charter members and presently totaling 82 members. We began as a chapter of the NC Region of AACA and later became the Alamance Region. Our claim to fame in the 75-year history of the AACA is that we were the first region nationally to own our own clubhouse and property. We still have two of our original charter members living and actively involved in our club. (See pictures below: Richard and Judy Holmes on right.  Charter memberes Willie and Mabel Long, on left, recently passed away). Richard and Judy Holmes own one of the larger collections of Ford Model-A’s in the state.  Richard has served as President of our club four different times.

Alamance Region Club House

Active Charter Members

We have sponsored our own annual spring car show for 48 years, and co-sponsored a very successful Sentimental Tour with the NC Region in 2008.  We have also sponsored fall car shows for the last 18 years that have raised approximately $100,000 to benefit the Hospice organization.

Our membership feels that we have more fun at our functions than any other club in the nation. Most of our monthly meetings are covered dish style buffets held at our own clubhouse with program responsibilities drawn from our membership. We are not hamburger/hot dog/pizza kind of members. We have the best cooks in the South and the best food you ever put in your mouth at our meetings. Our membership is made up of multi-talented folks that not only know both sides of a wrench, but also have high-level social skills, and know how to have fun. Attached is a picture from one of our meetings that includes some of our officers and Board of Directors.

Our region is living proof that it can be genuinely fun trying to “keep the old ones rolling.”

Join us at our next meeting and / or car show event!